The weather has gone quite insane,
It’s hard to keep track of the rain,
One minute it’s hot,
The next it is not,
Mother Nature is playing a game.

A student once thought it was fine
To steal someone’s work, line by line
But the teacher soon found
And said with a frown
“Plagiarism’s a serious crime!”

In politics, it’s easy to see
Two sides that just cannot agree
The left and the right
Are in constant fight
Polarization’s the new guarantee

An AI tool made writing a breeze,
But some used it with ill-gotten ease,
They copied and pasted, And left it untasted,
Plagiarism made their work a disease.


Honesty, the base,
Cheating, a crooked embrace,
Truth, the rightful place.

Storms rage and winds howl,
Sun blazes with scorching heat,
Crazy weather, fierce.

Winter lingers on,
Late spring, a hesitant bloom,
Nature takes its time.

Divided we stand,
Polarized politics reign,
Unity in vain.