1. Accept money for a single sheet of a hand-drawn animation. Sell cel.
  2. Relieve pain at the back of your foot. Heal heel.
  3. Inactive singing show winner. Idle idol
  4. Looks tangled but pulls apart easily. Not knot.
  5. Shakespeare excluded. Bard barred.
  6. Ridiculously cheap perfume. Cent scent.
  7. Fail to replace pads. Break brake.
  8. Prescribed place to listen. Hear here.
  9. Your time and mine. Our hour.
  10. Color a small cube with dots on it. Dye die.
  11. Ground petals? Flower flour.
  12. Medieval warrior who fights only after dark. Night knight.
  13. Cause of getting more on the table than in the glass. Poor pour.
  14. Commit proper grammar to paper. Write right.
  15. What you can do only close to the coast. See sea.
  16. Take metal that doesn’t belong to you. Steal steel.
  17. Offspring of the center of the solar system. Sun son.
  18. Story of an animal’s hindmost part. Tail tale.
  19. Add to an expression of appreciation. Complement compliment.
  20. Help determine a result. Affect effect.
  21. As editor, leave a word that indicates exclusion. Accept except.
  22. Also 1:58. Two to two, too.
  23. Bird that smells bad. Foul fowl.
  24. A fish’s spirit. Sole soul.
  25. Revenue charged on little nails. Tacks tax.
  26. Rabbit fur. Hare hair.
  27. Enumeration of sights, sounds, and smells. Senses census.
  28. They talked about what offended them. Discussed disgust.
  29. Note paper and envelopes staying put. Stationary stationery.
  30. Chocolate treat for an antlered creature. Moose mousse.