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Do you like learning and language? Follow the librarian’s blog that’s not just for other librarians.

Lots of librarians write blogs. Most of them blog for other librarians. Many of them blog for the patrons of the particular library they work for. How many librarians blog to help the general public understand libraries and how to make the best use of libraries? So far as I have been able to find, I stand alone.

I also write about research and writing. After all, everyone does research every time they look for something to read in order to answer a question. Everyone writes something. Who better than a librarian to show people how to find their answers most efficiently? Who better than a published author to give good tips on writing?

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What qualifies David Guion to write Reading, Writing, Reearch?

  • I had to learn how to use libraries in order to write all those papers for my masters and doctorate in musicology.
  • I worked in libraries as a paraprofessional for about 10 years.
  • After earning my library degree, I worked as a librarian in two different academic libraries for 12 years.
  • I have written two books in print and have a growing list of ebooks published on Kindle.
  • I have written dozens of scholarly articles for refereed journals.
  • I write four blogs, the smallest of which has more than 100 posts.
  • I write for other content sites all over the Internet.
  • And yes, I still use library resources.

To subscribe to Reading, Writing, Reearch, click on the link at left that says “Subscribe via RSS.”

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