HomelibrariesShutting down libraries? Why?


Shutting down libraries? Why? — 4 Comments

  1. Our public library here in Great Falls, MT is now hosting Drag Queen Story Hour for children. A man dressing like a female prostitute and reading books to children is an aberration. Our state motto is “The last best place”. Now, with homeless populations swelling, influx of liberals because they’ve destroyed their state, increasing taxation, bending to liberal ideologies, our motto could become, WE USED TO BE THE LAST BEST PLACE.

    • I suppose you should first be aware of proposals to close a library. School districts especially seem to think that closing school libraries suits their budget better than reducing administrative bloat. If you local school board has open meetings where such things are on the agenda, show up. Otherwise, I don’t know who you can approach, and I don’t know how much anyone pays attention to the public these days in any case.

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