HomelibrariesHave we stopped reading? Becoming a post-literate society


Have we stopped reading? Becoming a post-literate society — 6 Comments

  1. 1+. This article brings to mind the importance of correct spelling and grammar and its importance for the millenial generation to accept it as previous generations have done before. In general millenials seem to be aware of time restraints to focus on the essential information that they need. Nothing is wrong with that way of organization. The author emphasizes the importance of reading and writing skills, including grammar and its importance in the modern world.
    For example my experience in reading texting messages is this: sometimes it is difficult to understand what the writer is communicating because they do not spell it out for the reader.

  2. I think that the post literate society is welcomed by the rich. They want a large pool of illiterate Americans who will do all the dirty work that the rich think they are too good to soil their hands with. Large masses of the illiterate competing with each other for jobs helps to suppress wages and boost corporate profits. Illiteracy is good for business! I expect to see a lot more of it in the future. Eventually, they may do away with education beyond the 6th grade except for the small percentage of students that look like they can still think and speak logically.

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