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  1. True it would be best if the Libraries could somehow ‘market’ there ability to provide information and recreational reading, movies, audio and access to the Internet for those who don’t or can’t afford it.

    Wrong that libraries have been shut down because of bad or no marketing.

    Public, Corporate, and University branch libraries have been shut down because of mergers and acquisitions, loss of support from cities or constituents, and needed changes in University policies…NONE of this has anything to do with libraries unable to market themselves, but mostly about money; who has it and who has to pay off the cost of debt, just as the Federal government has/will be required to do.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Paul. I may have overstated something, but I think you have, too.

      I know of one case where a corporation shut down an archive to cut costs and later regretted it. The archivist had done nothing to inform the higher-ups the value of the services she performed.

      I don’t have any statistics right at hand, but I know that when politicians–especially at the local level–have proposed cuts in popular programs, public pressure has managed to make them back off at least some times. A library marketing campaign can remind politicians (etc.) the value of library services, and it can keep the library in public view in order to inspire pressure if necessary.

      Can it prevent closure of libraries or drastic budget cuts? No. Can good marketing, bad marketing, or no marketing make a difference when a library is threatened? I think so.

      Is it mostly about money? No quarrel there!

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